Burranca, Dionigi


piper (&c.) mentioned by name

Born in Samatzai (Campidano area, prov. Cagliari); At the age of 9 he was taught to play by Giuseppe Sanna, after whose death [in 1922; ws] he had lessons from Beppi’s son Francesco, who also taught him the cobbler’s trade, which was traditionally combined with Launeddas playing as a subsidiary occupation; Having had engagements as a village Launeddas player for a few years in the early 1930s, he moved, in 1936, hen the professional Launeddas playing began to decline, to Ortacesus (Trexenta area [NNE of Samatzai]), where he lived as a cobbler and an unskilled labourer with an ever-decreasing income from playing at village festivals; Together with some of his pupils he founded, in 1986, the ensemble "Sonus de Canna" in Assemini; He was the last representative of the playing style that prevailed in Trexenta in former times; NB: ➺ Alberto and Carlo Mariani.

Instrument: Launeddas / Launeḍḍas


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