Porcu, Aurelio


piper (&c.) mentioned by name

[Born and?] lived in Villaputzu (Sarrabus area, prov. Cagliari); When 19 years old, he was taught to play by Antonio & Emanuele Lara. He also had some instruction from Efisio Melis; A cobbler and a barber, he has been engaged as the village Launeddas player of San Vito and Villaputzu, and still counted, in the 1960s, on being able to earn about 200.000 lire [today’s rate?; ws] a year by playing at the festivals in the villages of Sarrabus and Ogliastra; He stated, that the stylistic differences between the traditions of the various villages, though barely discernible to strangers, was so great, that he could not play in the Campidano as he did in the Sarrabus area.
NB: ➺ Franco Melis.

Instrument: Launeddas / Launeḍḍas


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