Mediana falsa (f)

(with) definite article: ? [sa?]
(the) false mediana
Identical types: 29

According to Weis Bentzon "it cannot be called a kuntsertu, and was not regarded as such, but served to demonstrate one’s musical ability by being able to perform the dance phrases [on the Mankosedda (➺ details); ws] of the Mediana, accompanying them with a the Loba [➺ Kroba; ws] of a Punt’'e organu [sic]".

Mankosedda (in G): Arrefinu: d¹; Krais: f♯¹-g¹-a¹-b¹; Mankosa manna: Arrefinu: d¹; Krais: e¹-f♯¹-g¹-a¹; Tumbu: G.
NB: Example(s) to be replaced with staff-notation.


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