Ispinellu a frassettu (m)

(with) definite article: ? [su?]
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Identical types: 29

From Italian "falsetto" [idem]; Franco Oppo shows the tuning for an Ispinellu a frassettu in F, which differs from the tuning he and others show for the (common) Ispinellu, thus oddly conflicting with his general statement regarding Frassettus.

Tuning of an Ispinellu a frassettu in F, by Franco Oppo: Mankosedda: Arrefinu: c¹; Krais: f¹-g¹-a¹-b♭¹; Mankosa manna: Arrefinu: f¹; Krais: g¹-a¹-b♭¹-c²; Tumbu: f.
NB: Example(s) to be replaced with staff-notation.


Oppo, Franco: Il sistema dei cunzertus nelle launeddas [with extensive attention to the various tunings]. In: Sonos (1994), p.159 (➺ 155, fig.12).