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*A.G.A.: revista de la Asociación de Gaiteros de Aragón (Gaiters d’Aragón/Gaiters d’Aragó). Available: nos. 6-13. Zaragoza, 1994-1999 [NB: Issued since 1992].

*Anuario da Gaita [Bagpipe yearbook]. Available: nos. 1-18 (1986-2003). Ourense [Orense], 1987-2004. ISSN: 1136-2642

*Breiz: le magazine de la jeunesse bretonne (Organe mensuel de Kendalc’h). Available: nos. 113, 114, 118-121 (1967) and 124, 127-129, 131, 133-135, 140, 144-145 (1968). La Baule, 1967-1968.

*Chanter: the journal of the Bagpipe Society. A quarterly, labelled Spring (March), Summer (June), Autumn (September) and Winter (December). No physical copies available; NB: The list of bagpipes shown in the righthand margin of the home page contains links to articles on the specific instruments in previously published issues. England, March 1986-present. ISSN (Starting Vol. 30;1 [Spring 2016]): 0269-7939.

*Common Stock: the journal [a semestral; ws] of the Lowland & Border Pipers’ Society. No physical copies available. [?], Dec. 1983-… (present). ISSN: 1352-3848

*Doedelzak. Available: nos. 1;1-9;3 + Nieuwsbrieven 1 & 2 (1996) [all issued]. Zaandam, 1989-1998.

*Dudácká dílna [Bagpipe workshop]. Available: [2] vols. [all issued]. NB: To the very first workshop, held in 1985, only an agenda and a list of participants have been issued. Strakonice, 1989-1990.

*Gaita de Foles: semestral de la Associação Gaita-de-Foles (Associação Portuguesa para o Estudo e Divulgação da Gaita-de-foles [APEDGF]). No physical copies available. Lisboa, 2001 [1st issue only?].

*La Gazette du Cabrettaïre (Magazine recording the activities of the Association Cabrette et Cabrettaïres. Available: nos. 1-16 (2006-2016; all issued), in PDF.

*A grileira: revista da Asociación de Gaiteiros de Santiago e Bisbarra. Available: nos. 0 (Novembro 1992) - 5 (agosto 1995). Santiago de Compostela, 1992-1995.

*Handbuch der europäischen Volksmusikinstrumente. Available: Bd.1/1 (Sárosi: Ungarn), 1/2 (Tschechoslowakei), 1 (Kunz: Böhmen und Mähren) & 2 (Elschek: Slowakei), 1/4 (Bachmann-Geiser: Schweiz), 1/5 (Kumer: Slowenien) [all issued?].

*NZ Pipe Band Magazine, issued by the Royal New Zealand Pipe Band's Association (RNZPBA). No physical copies available. No details known (yet) [2023].

*An Píobaire: the magazine of Na Píobairí Uilleann. No physical copies available. Dublin, (1st issue: March 1969). Until 2009 it appeared irregularly (Vol.1 (1969-1978): 27 issues; Vol.2 (1978-1989): 42 issues; Vol.3 (1989-1999): 40 issues; Vol.4 (1999-2008): 48 issues). Starting 2009 (Vol.5) it appeared 5 times a year, plus an annual index. Since 2017 (Vol.13) only 4 issues appeared (each year). ISSN: 1649–9220.

*The Pipe Band Magazine (a quarterly): the official publication of the Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association (RSPBA).. No physical copies available. Glasgow, [?]-April 2018. Subsequent contributions are published on the RPBSA website

*The Pipeline: the official publication of the Southern United States Pipe Band Association (SUSPBA). No physical copies available. No details known (yet) [2023].

*Piping Times: the monthly magazine of the College of Piping (1948-2018 [?]). No physical copies available. Glasgow, 1948-2018 [?].

*Piping Today: the bi-monthly magazine of the National Piping Centre. No physical copies available. Glasgow, [First issue: 2018?].

*Studia instrumentorum musicae popularis (SIMP). Editor: Erich Stockmann. Available: nos. I-X [all issued]. Stockholm, 1969-1992. ISSN (➺ Vols. IX & X): 0282-8952.

*Studia instrumentorum musicae popularis (SIMP), new series. Editor: Gisa Jähnichen. Available: nos. I & II, + extracts from vols. III & 5. Münster, 2009-2011. ISSN (First mention in vol. II): 2191-5261; NB: To the complete vols. a DVD with audiovisual examples is added.

*Utriculus: bollettino dell’Associazione Culturale Circolo della Zampogna, a cura di Antonietta Caccia & Mauro Gioielli. Available: nos. 1;1 [1] (1992) - 62 (2021) [all issued so far]. Having started as a "trimestrale" [i.e. quarterly], it ended as such in 2008 (Anno XII) with issue no. 46. The new series started with semestrals 47 & 48 (Anno XIII, 2014, I & II); Nos. 49-50 (Anno XIV, 2015) and 51-52 (Anno XV, 2016) are "double" issues, nos. 53 & 54 (Anno XVI, 2017) and 55 & 56 (Anno XVII, 2018, I & II) are semestrals, no. 57-58 (Anno XVIII, 2019) is another "double" issue, and nos 59 &-60 (Anno XIX, 2020, I & II) are semestrals again, and no. 61-62 (Anno XX, 2021), another "double" issue. Scapoli, 1992-… (present). ISSN (Starting no.20 (5;4)): 1125-033X.

*The Voice: the official publication [a quarterly; ws] of the Eastern United States Pipe Band Association (EUSPBA). No physical copies available. Newark (DL), USA, [1st issue: 1971?; 2018: vol.48].

*乐器 (Yuèqì [Musical instruments]); bi-monthly. Available: 1981;1-1982;6, 1983;4-1985;6. 北京 [Běijīng], 1981-1985. ISSN: 1002-5995.