Frassettu (m)

(with) definite article: ? [su?]
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Identical types: 29

From Italian "falsetto" [idem]; According to Gianfranco Meloni & Giulio Pala "identical to the Punt’e organu, but with its Tumbu replaced with one pitched an octave higher"; According to Franco Oppo it is the term for "any" Cunzertu with its Tumbu pitched 1 octave higher than the one commonly used; The existing types of Frassettus he mentions are: Punt’e organu (Contrappuntu), Ispinellu a frassettu, Fiuda bagadia (Fiudedda) and Fiorassiu (Fiorasseddu); NB¹: ➺ homonym; NB²: ➺ Cunzertu mannu; NB³: ➺ Giovanni Orrù.

Frassetto, Minore


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