Zampogna (f)

(with) definite article: sa/la [sic]
(the) bagpipe
Identical types: 29

Consisting of a Mankosedda for a Fiorassiu with a Kroba of a Punt’e organu; Probably not an "old" kuntsertu, it is considered very difficult to play, and, as Weis Bentzon states, "mainly used to perform music for listening to as a pastime and a demonstration of the skill of the launeddas player"; Made in 3 keys (G, A, and B♭).

Mankosedda (in G): Arrefinu: d¹; Krais: g¹-a¹-b¹- c²; Mankosa manna: Arrefinu: d¹; Krais: e¹-f♯¹-g¹-a¹; Tumbu: G (These tunings agree with those of an instrument in C, as presented in »Launeddas«); NB: Note the different and erroneous tuning in Dore of the Mankosa manna (Arrefinu: d; Krais: e-f-g-a [i.e. 1 octave lower and, moreover, with an F natural, instead of F♯]) in the "Partitura del temperamento".
NB: Example(s) to be replaced with staff-notation.



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